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Beijing Business News (Reporter Wei Wei) On June 26, Ruyi International Brand Management signed a contract with The Great British Teddy Bear Company Co., Ltd. The ceremony was held in Beijing, and Ruyi International has now obtained the brand authorization of the Great Britain Teddy Bear in Greater China. In the future, Ruyi International will cooperate with The Great Teddy Bear brand IP to fully develop the Chinese market.

President Yang Dajun said that “The British Teddy Bear is a superior IP, the biggest difference with other teddy bear IP is that the Great British Teddy Bear is an iconic British character with a historical background with an existing loyal fanbase. ”

Yang Dajun said that in today’s Internet and social e-commerce subvert the past sales model, the rich IP is the origin of the real fan emotion. As an investor, the reason for investing in IP is because the Chinese IP licensing market is on the rise. Compared with the world’s largest US market, with the improvement of China’s intellectual property management level, the IP market plus the Internet will surely usher in the rapid growth of the next five years.

Ruyi International has been committed to the management and operation of international brand IP for many years. At present, Yuyi International has an existing IP licensing business in Europe, Japan, Korea, and North America. Now it has Picasso Picasso, MA.AL.BI, Aquascutum, Geives and Hawkes and other global well-known brand IP resources covering low, medium and high segment market positioning. In the future, based on the characteristics of The Great British Teddy bear, Ruyi International will create products that satisfy consumers of all ages in the Chinese market.

Paul Jessup, Founder of The Great British Teddy Bear Company, has a vision for this partnership: “Ruyi International is an internationally recognized leading professional in brand operations and marketing. They have a deep understanding of British brands and know how best to introduce our Great  British Teddy Bears to Chinese consumers.”

It is reported that the British Teddy Bear Company was founded in 2007. In 2008, the company was renamed “The Great British Teddy Bear Company” by the British Home Office. The British Teddy Bear has become the epitome of British culture, politics, history and tradition, and is sold in top toy and gift stores in more than 22 countries.