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PUBG MOBILE, one of the world’s most popular mobile games, has partnered with internationally famous THE GREAT BRITISH TEDDY BEAR COMPANY.

PUBG MOBILE has worked with founder Paul Jessup to create a new iconic PUBG MOBILE Teddy Bear wearing the PUBG MOBILE signature helmet and black tie. He will be available to players as an in-game buddy along with his friends; Robin Hood Teddy Bear and Sherlock Holmes Teddy Bear from June 24th.

PUBG MOBILE players will enjoy Great British Teddy Bear mini-games and have access to props and character inspired fashion outfits for their avatar. PUBG MOBILE is played in 200 Countries. The collaboration will be promoted across 20+ community platforms around the world.

This collaboration presents a significant endorsement of The Great British Teddy Bear Company by one of the world’s most popular mobile games                                                                     .

Comment From PUBG MOBILE:
We’re honoured to be partnering with The Great British Teddy Bear Company to bring their culturally iconic and adorable GB Teddy Bears to PUBG MOBILE for players to buddy up with and take onto the battleground! One of PUBG MOBILE’s ongoing goals is to provide our players with valuable, in-depth and varied experiences that amplify the game through noteworthy partnerships. The Great British Teddy Bear Company therefore is a perfect partner bringing its richly historical yet cuddly creations into the PUBG MOBILE virtual world. We hope our players enjoy buddying up with the specially created PUBG MOBILE GB TEDDY BEAR and in-game GB Teddy Bear friends!
Vincent Wang, Head of PUBG MOBILE Publishing at Tencent Games

Our characters are British icons and as their custodians, it is our responsibility to ensure that they represent Great Britain and The Great British Teddy Bear in collaboration with the most respected partners in each region.
PUBG MOBILE is without question one of the leading mobile games in the world, we are honoured that they have chosen to partner with us and we were delighted to create a new PUBG MOBILE GB TEDDY BEAR to accompany Sherlock and Robin in their mobile game. We are also grateful for the ongoing support provided by Her Majesties Department for International Trade.” Paul Jessup Founder & CEO.